Lukas Siegele

DataMynd—Personal Data System


How do we deal with our personal data in the near future?
With DataMynd we empower the user with tools to regain control over his data.

DataMynd idea

1—Trading app

With the app you get data requests from companies, organizations and researchers who are interested in your data sets. You decide whether to keep it secure or allow access to it for a small reward.

DataMynd App

2—Control dashboard

The desktop application gives you an overview of your data flow.

DataMynd Desktop
DataMynd Desktop2

3—Decentralized cloud storage

Through a network of stores, a decentralized cloud consisting of you and other users is built up. Thus you are independent of large server companies. The device has two states, online and offline. If you switch to offline mode, the wifi connection is disconnected and the data is securely stored on the physical storage media at home in the bookcase. In online mode, the data is accessible to you in the cloud so you can sell it with the app. The cloud mode also allows you to rent unused space and earn a small pocket money.

DataMynd Storage
Design process

Analyzing the current situation

Nowadays others make money with our data. Data broking is a 200 billion dollar industry of which few of us know. They collect data from many sources and sell them in large sets in either raw or highly interpreted form.

DataMynd current

Connecting data silos

By setting the user in the center we unlock the whole potential of big data. Unimaginable relations between multiple data sources are now accessible and ready to be explored.

DataMynd connect

Minimum Viable Product

To make our vision tangible, we integrated prototyping into our process at an early stage. Through a MVP and Thinking Aloud sessions with users we tested our core concept of sharing personal data.

DataMynd MVP

Future scenario

With our insights from the MVP, interviews and online surveys, we developed future scenarios. We had to find out what problems and challenges our theme will be exposed to in the future. That is why we examined the influence factors of our topic.

Tools for the user

With a clear idea we considered what tools the user would need in such a scenario to regain control over his / her data. From these concepts, we selected three related products we wanted to implement.

DataMynd Tools


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Dominik Merle


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