Lukas Siegele

Bramble—Garden sharing platform

Bramble Mood


We recognized the problem that, especially in more rural areas, many gardens of older people get in a bad state. They are not able to look after them anymore and relatives do not have time to water the plants. On the other hand there is an increasing trend of local and organic food. In most of the cases those are young people, who do not have spaces to grow.

Bramble problem


We were fascinated how modern agriculture uses technology to reduce carbon emission, to save water or to make farming more efficient. Therefore we analyzed the different forms, from micro-farming to large scaled farming and from do-it-yourself solutions to high-tech autonomous systems.

Bramble scribbles

Developing a system

Future systems are hard to imagine. This is why we built a board game, to figure out, if an own currency is necessary, how a trading system could work and much more. The new finding was that an open platform, were people trade food and work, fits best.

Bramble board game

Final concept

Bramble is a garden sharing platform that connects garden owners with helpers. If you do not own a garden yourself, help someone and trade your work for food. Or if you are not able to take care of your garden or space, ask for permanent help and share the fresh goods with them.

Bramble final model


Bramble connects generations and provides an exchange of knowledge. It also reactivates run-down spaces and makes the users more independent from supermarkets by sharing organic food. Therefore it reduces the environmental impact.

Bramble benefits


The platform comes as a website and a mobile app. It shows available tasks and goods in your surrounding. By accepting either of those, you get the exact location and are able to contact the person to arrange a meeting. This only works if both parties are registered. A protoype, which was done with framer.js, shows the main scenario and functions of bramble.


—Invention Design 2, Prof. David Oswald


—Photoshop, Framer JS, After Effects